Corral Countdown 10: Trappings

Just what are “trappings?” Many RPGs have them, although by a different name – Relics, Accessories, Trinkets. They are equippable items that give a character some kind of benefit.


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“Trappings” was the most Wild West-y word for this kind of thing. A Trapping can be an article of dress or equipment – such as spurs, handkerchiefs, moccasins, suspenders. Trappings are typically something worn but can be just any object that a Westerner might carry on them.

Here are some examples:

trappings Corral Countdown 10: Trappings


Spurs – Gain back 100% of your health when it falls below 25% once.

Barrel – If no stance is active the barrel will absorb five physical attacks, then explode.


Slim Jim – Holster that makes small gun vantages cost 1 less power


Essence Bottle – Weapons imbued with status ailments are twice as effective


Dime Novel – Gain twice as much VP to learn new skills


Bear Trap – Enemies start battles paralyzed


Lace Fan – Prevents all status ailments




There are about 40 Trappings total in Boot Hill Bounties that can be bought, found, or possibly rewarded to the player. Along with Weapons, Hats, and Armor, Trappings are one of the four pieces of equipment that can be equipped.

Tomorrow we’ll have one last look at a hat for Kid.

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