Corral Countdown 4: Trailer Premiere #1 – The Saints-Little Gang

First things first, despite insisting on a December 1 release date, Boot Hill Bounties will have to be pushed back to December 15. The game is currently stuck in the approval process on Steam. Usually this takes a few days, but Steam is experiencing a high volume of submissions. This is my fault for taking too long getting the storefront assets together and submitting the game so late.

This might be a good thing since it gives me more time to submit the game to review sites and build more hype for the game – things I haven’t spent as much time on as I would have liked. For those who were expecting the game December 1, I apologize for not delivering.

Now the good news. We finally have a trailer for Boot Hill Bounties!

The focus of the trailer is, of course, on the Saints-Little Gang, the titular “bounties” of Boot Hill Bounties. This is a game that focuses heavily on the villains and I often refer to them as the five “robot masters” (you may pick up on the Mega Man vibe in the trailer).

Let me know what you think. I may also make a more traditional trailer later on, but I actually had the idea for this trailer since Boot Hill Heroes over five years ago. Great to see it finally realized.

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