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Corral Countdown 17: Side Quests

Like many RPGs, Boot Hill Bounties features optional sidequests that can take you away from the main storyline for a moment and participate in a small adventure for a reward. Sidequests are triggered by reading about them in the Bronco County Sunrise newspaper. So at the end of each chapter, when a new newspaper is[…]

Corral Countdown 20: Chuckwagon Chief Cooking Competition

As we enter the final four weeks of the Corral Countdown, there’s little holding back with all the stuff I want to share before the release of Boot Hill Bounties on December 1. Today is an example of how several previous Countdown entries had to first be explained before getting to this one. Previously, we[…]

Corral Countdown 28: The Bronco County Sunrise

The Bronco County Sunrise is the local newspaper that’s published in Bronco County. Just like a real newspaper it’s packed with all kinds of information from news stories regarding things happening in the plot, to classified ads, to jobs offered, and even a cooking corner for new recipes! It basically ties all the sidequesty stuff[…]

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