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Corral Countdown 42: Nonlinear Chapters

Boot Hill Bounties 2017-10-01 22-07-11-38

Typically RPGs are either linear, with plot events happening sequentially as the player goes from point A to point B. Other RPGs are open world, where the player can explore a world and interact with it as they see fit. Boot Hill Bounties falls in the former column …well, mostly. While Boot Hill Bounties does[…]

Corral Countdown 43: Camping

Boot Hill Bounties 2017-10-01 22-37-33-57

You probably noticed from the box art reveal and a lot of screenshots that camping plays a big part in Boot Hill Bounties. Camping really captures the spirit of adventure and makes you feel like you’re on a great journey, so I wanted it to play a role both in theme and game mechanics. Throughout[…]

Corral Countdown 44: A New Hat for Doc

Boot Hill Bounties 2017-10-01 22-05-58-53

Last week we revealed one of the many new hats that Kid will obtain in Boot Hill Bounties, this week we’ll talk about one of Doc’s new hats. What hat can you picture Doc wearing? Do you want to know what it is? Well, you’ll have to click the Spoiler image! Hat Spoilers! Click to[…]

Corral Countdown 45: Importing Save Data

Boot Hill Bounties 2017-10-01 21-57-23-71

Welcome back to the second week of the Corral Countdown where we talk about something new I want you to know about Boot Hill Bounties every week day, up until release. This also begins our first week of outside player testing as I continue to polish the pacing and difficulty as well as root out[…]

Corral Countdown 46: NPC Creation (Friday Devblog)


Every Friday during this countdown to release I want to focus on more of the development side of Bronco County. Here, I’ll talk about the process behind developing some aspect of the game and the thoughts behind it. There are around 300 or so residents of Bronco County to meet! So how did I make[…]

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