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Corral Countdown 11: Game Scope and Pacing

Some time ago I made the braggadocious claim that Boot Hill Bounties was one of the largest 2D RPGs ever made. Not that having a lot of content necessarily makes for a good game, but I do think this is something I want to celebrate. But how do you define how big a game is?[…]

Corral Countdown 12: Classroom Riddles

Last week I discussed the mysterious Question Master riddles that appear in the newspaper and lead treasure hunters to clues that open the green lockboxes found in Bronco County. But we’re not done with riddles, because there are even more puzzling brain teasers to solve. Mrs. Mowry’s Swellsville classroom taught the player how to fight[…]

Corral Countdown 13: Choosing Responses

You may have noticed that I have revealed the main protagonist, Kid, speaking in some revealed screenshots. Those who have played Boot Hill Heroes will remember that Kid was once a “silent jrpg protagonist.” So what gives? I had two problems I wanted to solve. The first is that I wanted to find a way[…]

Corral Countdown 14: Another Hat for Moon

One of the final three Hat Tuesdays here at the Corral Countdown. This will the final hat reveal for Moon so I chose one of the more interesting hats. But since this is spoilery territory, I’ll make you click on stuff to see it… Hat Spoilers! Click to Reveal! “Careta” is Spanish for mask and[…]

Corral Countdown 15: Doc is a Doctor

Welcome to the last three weeks of the Corral Countdown. By now, I’ve discussed 35 other things I want you to know about Boot Hill Bounties. But there are still 15 more, so let’s get into it… Let’s go way back to remember when I revealed how camping plays a big role in party management.[…]

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