Corral Countdown 35: Stealth and Surprise Attacks

Welcome to week 4 of the Corral Countdown where every week day we talk about something interesting I want people to know about the upcoming game Boot Hill Bounties. We’ve had 15 Countdown posts, so if you’re new here, I’d suggest you take a look at what’s been revealed so far.

Most people already know that Boot Hill Bounties is one of those RPGs without random battles. You can see your enemies on the map, and, if you can avoid them, you can avoid many battles. But there’s now a little more to it than that.

Enemies will wander around independently on a move pattern, but they have their own vision cone that can spot you. Once they do, they’ll take off and try to engage a battle!

If you have your back turned. The enemy will get a surprise attack on your party and start with half power.

But if you avoid the enemy’s vision and sneak up on them, you can surprise them and your party will begin with 50% power!

Additionally, any encounter you defeat will remember you. Instead of chasing after you, it will instead run away! So once you dominate an area, you can move pretty freely without having to worry about battles. But if you want to fight older enemies, it’s easy to get the jump on them because they’ll be running away!

Tomorrow, it’s finally Moon’s turn to get a new hat. What will it be?

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