Corral Countdown 17: Side Quests

Like many RPGs, Boot Hill Bounties features optional sidequests that can take you away from the main storyline for a moment and participate in a small adventure for a reward.

Sidequests are triggered by reading about them in the Bronco County Sunrise newspaper. So at the end of each chapter, when a new newspaper is published, new side quests are unlocked. Often these side quests are related to things that happened in the chapter.

Sidequests are a great way to take a break before jumping into the next chapter. But even if you decide to skip a sidequest at first, you can always come back to it later. They never expire.

Here are some sidequests you can participate in:

Quell a rabies outbreak at the farms near Swellsville
Investigate a ghost sighting near San Gonzalez
Search for the ultimate Gumbo recipe
Steal an auctioned off Chepakwik artifact
Investigate a sighting of the legendary Bigfoot
Save a forest from a band of mutant tiger-squirrels

I had a lot of fun making these sidequests and wouldn’t mind making a bunch more as DLC. So maybe that’s something we’ll see in the future.

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