List of Bugs in PSM Boot Hill Heroes

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Published on: April 6, 2014

Here are a list of known bugs in the game. If the game crashes for any other reason, rather than the app just closing, users will get some kind of error message. If this happens please take a picture and send it to me.

Fixed as of v1.04

  • The Desert Skags, a group of NPCs in Swellsville will not be able to find their dialogue. If you try to talk to them they’ll spit out an error message.


  • Using the Vantage ‘Counter’ will crash the game. This is a vantage that Doc can learn from the Fedora hat. Fortunately, the learning rate is only x5 so I hope most players will have moved on to another hat before learning it. The bad part is that unless a player is reading this it will not be apparent why their game is crashing. Enemies can still use ‘Counter’ without any problem.

Fixed as of v1.03

  • Four Lions Defeat Crash Late in the game, the Boot Hill Heroes will go up against four lions (sorry, spoilers).  Upon defeating them, your game might crash after XP and VP have been doled out.  This is due to a message size limitation on PSM.  The four lions may drop so many materials that the message to display these drops may exceed this limitation and crash the game.  Since there is a random element in material drops the crash may not always occur.  


  • Where’s the broom?  This might affect anyone starting a new game after the first update goes through.  If you open the application and continue a game, then quit the game, then start a new game, the variables won’t reset.  You’ll know very soon if this is the case because you won’t be able to find the broom at the beginning of the game.  Exiting out of the application and then starting a new game should fix this.


  • Mom disappears after Varmints are eliminated. Early in the game, Kid’s mom will ask him to kill five varmints lurking in the barn. After the player completes this task, they can return home to talk to mom and advance the plot. However, if you defeat the five varmints (this includes the Weezler, king varmint), then go in the living room to see mom, but then leave the room, mom will be gone forever. You would need to restart the game to return to an earlier save point. If you save the game in this state then there is no way to fix the issue until a new build is up in the PSM store.



  • When continuing a game in the second map of the Whisker Woods, party is missing and cannot move. This is a mistake where saving your game with Rusty causes on this map causes the location value to be incorrect. Avoid saving your game here. If this happens to you, then you must either restart the game or wait for a patch. If you accidentally save your game here and go to the continue screen, do not continue your game. Retry it instead.



  • Music sometimes becomes corrupted after fighting squawkers in the farms. It’s a rare bug and is not game-breaking. The cause has not yet been identified.


  • Game crashes without explanation. When loading Swellsville, some PSM users have experienced intermittent crashes due to an out-of-memory exception. There is no consistent cause for this and a perfect solution has yet to be found. The town may have to change in size to accommodate all users. Further explanation here.


  •  Slowdown bug. You’ll notice some slowdown when you reach Swellsville. If you go in the livery or saloon the slowdown will increase to 1fps and it becomes difficult to progress. This bug is further explained here. 
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  1. Ashley Richmond says:

    For me, it just crashes at the end of the intro every time I try to start the game. It’s always at the same loading screen after the line “Ten years later…”.

    • Dave Welch says:

      Since downloading version 1.02 it now does the same thing for me. Still for other users it works fine. Seems to be a problem with the store’s downloading process that is corrupting some files.

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