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Published on: July 30, 2012

Hey, is everyone enjoying their summer?  Haven’t given an update on Boot Hill Heroes in a while, so I wanted to share a few things.


PAX Prime:  First off, some sad news.  It turns out our application to exhibit at PAX Prime was not accepted as the event was already full.  At first, Ben and I figured we would go anyway since we still have visitor tickets.  But then we started adding up the costs for flight, hotel, food, and realized that we couldn’t justify the cost of going.  Going to PAX was one of our budgeted goals.  But we don’t feel like it would be a good use of your money to go to PAX as visitors since this won’t benefit Boot Hill Heroes.  We had so much fun at PAX East and met so many cool people, so it’s too bad we won’t be there this time.  We will reallocate the allocated funds to help BHH in some other way.  It will most likely go towards artwork.  However, since this is backer money, I’m open to suggestions (dave@experimentalgamer.com) from you guys.


Interviews:  Now some better news.  If you haven’t been following @BootHillHeroes on Twitter you may not have realized that we do the occasional interview.  Here are a couple recent ones that may give you some new insight about what we’re about here at Experimental Gamer and what to expect in Boot Hill Heroes.  Check them out, you may glimpse a new screenshot or two:


Screwattack interview with Drake McWhorter:



Our podcast interview with Random Assault:



Surveys:  I’ve sent out all the surveys, and so far, most people have gotten back to us.  I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about your in-game characters.  I’ll be getting in touch with everyone individually later when we start adding them to the game.  So far I’m really impressed with your answers and I believe we’ll be able to give everyone mostly what they are asking for.  If you haven’t done so, please go ahead and fill out your survey.  Or email (dave@experimentalgamer.com) if you have any problems.


Backer Rewards:  We’ve finished making all our phone calls and are beginning to send out cakes (turns out, shipping a cake is more complex than we realized).  If you didn’t receive a phone call and were due one then there may have been some confusion on the survey or getting a hold of you.  In this case, please email me (dave@experimentalgamer.com) with your number and the best time to call.


What’s Next?:  $100+ backers should get a new version of the game shortly.  We had to create a couple new game systems and fix a few bugs, but now we’re progressing very smoothly.  Should be more and more updates as time goes on.

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