News and Highlights from the Indiecity Games Meeting

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Published on: November 13, 2012

One of the things we appreciate about living in Chicago is the robust gaming and development community here.  We had the opportunity to attend the Indiecity Games meeting this weekend and had a great time.  In addition to seeing some of our friends like Craig Stern of Tellepath RPG we enjoyed meeting the special guests for the day.

Heinz Schuller, former art director at Day One Studios and now of Digital DNA Games, talked about developing Avatar Laser Wars II.  Heinz had some insight about XBLIG which we really appreciated hearing.   While we’re still a few months away from release we’re always thinking about how to help people find out about Boot Hill Heroes.

After the presentation we stayed to show everyone the latest gameplay for Boot Hill Heroes.  We were encouraged by the positive responses.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to try out multiplayer combat and see the new areas of the game.


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We want to put a shout out to one of our new friends Zero from Negative World.  In addition to killing the hardest boss in the game so far he runs a Nintendo fan site which we are now crazy about.  Anyone who loves vintage style gaming should definitely check it out!

While Dave and I often find ourselves interviewing others we were surprised to find ourselves in an informal interview with our own local celebrities from Rushdown Radio.  We’re looking forward to many long-winded-semi-appropriate-rants in the future.  Rushdown Radio is a show about all things related to video games, including my favorite category – miscellaneous.

There were so many talented developers at the event it was hard to get time with everyone.  We did want to give special thanks to two development teams.  First, Sean Hogan was showing Anodyne Game which is nearly complete.  I love the look and game play and can’t wait to get the full version of this classic style RPG.

We also think you’ll love the side scrolling novelty fun of Fat Ninja. This new title from Hipster Owl Studios has a fun twist that you’ll have to experience for yourselves.

In closing news, all our backers who are going to be NPC’s in the game will be hearing from us this week to complete the design of their characters, so stay tuned!

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