Corral Countdown 49: A New Hat for Kid

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Published on: September 26, 2017

Those who played Boot Hill Heroes will remember that hats played an important role in character growth and customization. Each hat taught characters new Vantages that changed the way they played and introduced new strategies.

Although they will work a bit differently, Boot Hill Bounties brings a bunch of new hats and this entry we’re going to talk about one of them. For those who want to go into the game completely fresh, SPOILERS AHEAD!

Hat Spoilers! Click to Reveal!

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Panama hats are clean white hats made from palm-like leaves and it clearly increases Kid’s dapper-ness by 37%. The Panama is the first new hat you’ll get and it has some intriguing new Vantages, including:

  • Take Cover – An evasion stance used to avoid long range attacks. Use it to avoid enemy projectiles, then fight back when they are open. Using an action or getting hit will drop the stance
  • Dixie Special – A stance that turns every small gun attack into a multi-target attack. This effectively multiplies the damage Kid can do from single target attacks.
  • Southern Drawl – This mental attack may cause the Slow status on other battle participants. Even your own party!
  • Warning Shot – An attack that does no damage but is designed to put your enemies on guard. When hit with a Warning Shot, enemies will change their next action to Dodge.

I wonder if anyone can guess where Kid gets this Panama? Let me know if you have a theory.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how hats work exactly and how they’ve changed from Boot Hill Heroes to feel more like character classes.

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