Corral Countdown 37: Harvesting and Growing Your Farm

You may recall in Boot Hill Heroes, that Kid and his mom were having financial issues maintaining the Howl Family Farm. In fact, this was the catalyst that initially caused Kid to go find a job in Swellsville and soon get wrapped up in an unexpected adventure.

Well, now that there’s some money coming in, Kid can use it to invest in the farm to grow more crops – like onions, potatoes, corn and wheat – or livestock – like pigs, cows, goats and chickens. Harvesting these things yields ingredient items that we’ll talk more about later.

He also gains Farming Experience and can eventually level up to gain a rank in farming. Kid starts out a lowly “Greenhorn” rank but can ascend to become a “Sod Buster” or even a “Weed Reaper”. There are 10 Farm Ranks to obtain in all. The more farm ranks you obtain, the more upgrades you can buy for your farm. And the more upgrades you can buy for your farm, the more you can harvest and get more Farming Experience to gain another Farm Rank.

Not all Farm Upgrades are unlocked through Farm Ranks, you can also hire farm hands like Josie Trotter and Leon Barker as seen in the video. But first you have to find them during your journey and offer them a job. Who else will end up working at the farm?

Tomorrow, it’s once again DevBlog Friday and I’ll demonstrate a technique I used to help improve my sprite art.

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  1. Jacob Watkins says:

    Awesome stuff! Loving these Boot Hill Corral updates so far! I particularly loved the video included in this one, will others in the future also include video segments showcasing the mentioned features? Keep up the great work, you really weren’t kidding or exaggerating about the enlarged scope of this game compared to the first!

  2. Dave Welch says:

    Thanks for noticing Jacob. I’ll definitely have more video demos like this. Maybe one a week.

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