Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus

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Upcoming Games of “Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus”
Event Time Location Buy Tickets
Wisconsin Comic Con June 28-30 Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee WI
Indy PopCon June 7-9 Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis IN
Acen May 17-19 Donald J Stephenson Convention Center – Chicago, IL Buy Tickets
Heroes and Villains Fan Fest April 19-21 Donald J Stephenson Convention Center – Chicago, IL
C2E2 March 22-24 2019 McCormick Place – Chicago, IL

“Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus” is a “mobile” Escape Room. It has no permanent location, the props and decor are transported to turn any room into an Escape Room. Want to me to host this escape room at your local con or event? Please email me to coordinate.

Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus

Your ragtag group of space scavengers have just stumbled upon the mother lode – a derelict Galactic Concordant Starship ripe for the taking! Scrapping it for parts alone would net you enough credits to buy a small moon! But the unusual cargo on the Astraeus has made it a target by the ruthless Urbraxian Dominion. And what you thought was a simple scavenging job has become a race for survival! Test your wits and guile in this high tech escape room to achieve one of several possible endings!

bannertito 1 Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus


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