Corral Countdown 13: Choosing Responses

You may have noticed that I have revealed the main protagonist, Kid, speaking in some revealed screenshots. Those who have played Boot Hill Heroes will remember that Kid was once a “silent jrpg protagonist.” So what gives?

I had two problems I wanted to solve. The first is that I wanted to find a way to involve the player in cut scenes that are typically passive experiences in an interactive medium. The other problem is that I wanted Kid to be more involved in the scenes rather than stand there saying nothing while Doc, Moon and Rosy do all the talking. However, I couldn’t suddenly give Kid a personality since the first game established that Kid’s silence meant for him to be a projection of the player.

Allowing Kid to make decisions and choose responses during conversations solved both problems. First, players can interact with a cut scene by choosing how they want to respond to various situations. Second, Kid can now have something to say in scenes while at the same time, remaining an avatar of the player because the player chooses those responses.

But I want to curb player expectations here. This isn’t a Telltale game. You won’t drastically change the story by the responses you choose, but you will choose how other characters will immediately respond to what Kid says. This is an opportunity for the player to decide how Kid’s personality will manifest and also have some control over how a scene plays out.

There are nearly 200 responses that Kid has an opportunity to make throughout Boot Hill Bounties. Players have the opportunity to choose responses not only in cut scenes but in common interactions with other characters and you’re own party at camp.

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