Boot Hill Heroes v1.04 is out now on PSM

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Published on: June 27, 2014

This week version 1.04 of Boot Hill Heroes went up on PSM. This version finally fixes the remaining minor bugs reported in the game.

Additionally, the way horses are ridden has been changed. They no longer need to walk first before running at their top speed. You can pick up materials and interact with NPCs while on horses. Finally, they use bounding boxes that are a bit smaller so you can fit across those bridges more easily.

If any more bugs are found, please email me at dave@experimentalgamer.com

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  1. Jesse says:

    I can’t find this game for the life of me. I’ve checked the PSN web store, and I even logged into the PSM site and checked there. Can’t find it. Can I only purchase it from within my Vita on the store there? I don’t have my Vita with me, but I want to grab it. I didn’t even know this game existed til it came out on Steam. It’s super easy to get the Steam version, but I’d really prefer to play it on my Vita.

    How come it’s not just on the regular PSN web store? I feel like Sony is really limiting the audience for this game.

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