Boot Hill Heroes v1.03 is out now on PSM

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Published on: May 14, 2014

Finally, v1.03 is up in the PSM store and early reports are positive that the mysterious crash bug no longer occurs. But we’re not out of the woods yet as the original cause of the bug was never found, there was only evidence to suggest that smaller loading sequences would prevent it. So a few of the larger areas were split up and that seems to have worked.

The other bugs in the game have been addressed. Unfortunately, some new bugs were created:

Fixed as of Version 1.04

1.) The Desert Skags, a group of NPCs in Swellsville will not be able to find their dialogue. If you try to talk to them they’ll spit out an error message.

2.) Using the Vantage ‘Counter’ will crash the game. This is a vantage that Doc can learn from the Fedora hat. Fortunately, the learning rate is only x5 so I hope most players will have moved on to another hat before learning it. The bad part is that unless a player is reading this it will not be apparent why their game is crashing. Enemies can still use ‘Counter’ without any problem.

If the game crashes for any other reason, rather than the app just closing, users will get some kind of error message. If this happens please take a picture and send it to me.

But there is also a new feature implemented in the game now. If a character falls in battle (and a teammate still hasn’t) they can now eventually self-revive (provided they are not fully wounded). It takes a while, about the equivalent of charging a 20 power action, and you’ll still get a wound, so it’s best to still avoid losing characters as much as possible.

Okay, now I hope people can enjoy the game as intended!

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  1. Jason says:

    Great game just downloaded to my PS Vita! But the update ruined the game cannot find my save at the startup screen? I can save my game at the dog character and it says saved game but no option to load my saved game! Its very frustrating especially when you vested two hours of game time to find out you have to start all over!! Not happy! Please fix game thank you!?,

    • Dave Welch says:

      This might apply to you: When you first start the application the title screen will not have the option to load your game because there is no save data. Even after you save your game and quit to the title screen, you won’t see the option to load your game (this is because the title screen choices were already created with no save data). But your save data is there and if you restart the application you will be able to continue. Is this your situation?

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