Corral Countdown 33: Battle Grades

Today’s Countdown is relatively simple but something I wanted to share. In Boot Hill Heroes, you could get an experience point bonus at the end of battles for taking no damage. In Bounties, this concept has expanded a little.

Now you get a battle grade based on your performance. So it’s important to do your best, even if you’re fighting an easy enemy that you couldn’t possibly lose against.

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 10 16 01 11 07 62 Corral Countdown 33: Battle Grades

The Battle Grade actually multiplies your Vantage Points earned from the battle, so the better the grade, the faster you’ll level up your hats and learn new Vantages.

Grade D = 1x multiplier

Grade C = 1.25x multiplier

Grade B = 1.5x multiplier

Grade A = 2x multiplier

Grade S (NO DAMAGE): = 3x multiplier

Tomorrow, I have another video planned to show you one of the bigger mechanics. It’s one I’ve been building up towards for a while with these updates. This is gonna be big.

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