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Corral Countdown 34: A New Hat for Moon

We’ve thus far shown one new hat for all of the four party members except one. Well, today it’s Moon’s turn. Click the image if you want it revealed to you! Hat Spoilers! Click to Reveal! The Mining Lantern was modeled after the very earliest such mining lanterns ever crafted. Remember this is before the[…]

Corral Countdown 39: A New Hat for Rosy

Rosy joined late in the game in Boot Hill Heroes so she didn’t get a lot of hats. This time around things are very different so let’s talk about one of those hats. There are SPOILERS abound, so click to reveal… Hat Spoilers! Click to Reveal! A pith helmet is a cloth helmet made of[…]

Corral Countdown 44: A New Hat for Doc

Boot Hill Bounties 2017-10-01 22-05-58-53

Last week we revealed one of the many new hats that Kid will obtain in Boot Hill Bounties, this week we’ll talk about one of Doc’s new hats. What hat can you picture Doc wearing? Do you want to know what it is? Well, you’ll have to click the Spoiler image! Hat Spoilers! Click to[…]

Corral Countdown 48: Hats and Vantages

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Published on: September 27, 2017
Boot Hill Heroes 2017-09-19 21-55-07-95

I mentioned yesterday how hats played a big role in Boot Hill Heroes as a way to learn new Vantages to grow and customize your character. In Boot Hill Bounties, hats also play a large role but work a little differently and function more like traditional RPG “job classes”. Each hat, rather than each character,[…]

Corral Countdown 49: A New Hat for Kid

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Published on: September 26, 2017
Boot Hill Heroes 2017-09-24 14-30-34-92

Those who played Boot Hill Heroes will remember that hats played an important role in character growth and customization. Each hat taught characters new Vantages that changed the way they played and introduced new strategies. Although they will work a bit differently, Boot Hill Bounties brings a bunch of new hats and this entry we’re[…]

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