Masque of the Red Death

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MasqueOfTheRedDeath Masque of the Red Death

Upcoming Games of Masque of the Red Death
Event Time Location
Indy PopCon 2015/06/27 10:30 PM B: Small Panel Room (Panel Room 140)
GenCon 2015/07/30 11:00 PM Union Station : New York Central : HQ
GenCon 2015/08/01 12:00 AM Union Station : New York Central : HQ
GenCon 2015/08/02 12:00 AM Union Station : New York Central : HQ

Introduction: “Masque of the Red Death” is based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story of the same name. It is a mashup of “Are You a Werewolf,” “Wink Death” and “Murder in the Dark” with role playing elements. In this game, everyone is a guest at a masquerade ball while one player secretly wields the Red Death. Everyone has a Role or character with a personal goal, however since everyone is wearing a mask the guests cannot recognize each other. In addition to your personal goal, your Team Goal is to either eliminate the player holding the Red Death card, or to protect the Red Death and eliminate enough players from the party. Story

Premise: Our story takes place at the castellated abbey of Prince Prospero where the prince is holding a lavish masquerade ball. The Prince and other nobles and clergy have taken refuge in the walled abbey to escape the Red Death, a terrible plague with gruesome symptoms that has swept over the land. The Prince and his court are indifferent to the sufferings of the population at large and intend to await the end of the plague in the luxury and safety of the abbey walls. But what the revelers do not know is that the Red Death has infiltrated the masquerade as well and intends to make all the guests the deadly disease. After the first victim succumbs to the plague, the party guests will attempt to eliminate the threat by casting people out of the party who they suspect to be the Red Death. Only by succeeding in this will they be safe from the horrible plague. But they have no way of knowing who holds the Red Death and any innocent people that are cast out beyond the secure walls of the abbey will surely succumb to the disease.

Set Up: At the start of the game, each player will be given a Role Card and a number of colored Ability Cards, some random and some specific to that Role.

Role Cards explain who you are, what team you are on, what information you know, and what your personal goal is for the game. You cannot ever show your Role Card during the game, though you may share the information on this card.

Role Cards 1: Prince Prospero, The Adulterer, The Cuckold, The Count, The Duke, The Marquis, The Bodyguard, The Captain, The Knight
Role Cards 2: The Spy, The Templar, The Cleric, The Bishop, The Abbot, The Inquisitor, The Beloved, The Assassin, The Jester
Role Cards 3: The Gatekeeper, The Sorcerer, The Medium, The Mad Scientist, The Thief, The Bard, The Detective, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Plague Doctor
Role Cards 4: The Judge, The Fortune Teller, The Barrister, The Stranger, The Fanatic, The Heretic, The Heathen, The King in Yellow, The Worshiper,
Role Cards 5: The Necromancer, The Groundskeeper

Ability Cards are various powers you may be able to use throughout the game. One side of the card explains the requirements for using the card while the other side and the color of the card indicate the card’s effect on the target player. The effects of cards are detailed on a reference card included in your materials. Cards are used by showing another player the effect side of the card (the Requirement side cannot be shown). Requirements may include your role, team, faction, status, location, target, distance, and frequency of use, and only the user needs to know or be concerned with these requirements. The target player must trust that the user has met the requirements of the card and must then adhere to its effects. Ability Cards can be used publicly or discretely between players. Giving ability cards to other players is allowed, but the cards cannot be shown before they are given. Cards cannot be given during trial.

“X” and “Y” variables may be on some Role Cards or Ability Cards, followed by a list of ten items. This is used to randomly determine certain information. At the start of the game, the values of X and Y will be determined and the item in the list with that number will be used.

Trial begins one of two ways. Either a player announces that a dead body has been discovered, or a player uses a Pink Card to declare a trial. Either way, this player chooses the first nominee. At this time, a second and third nominee can be chosen when other players “nominate” and another “seconds that nomination”, or a Pink card is used to nominate someone. When the nominees have been chosen and have said their piece, the living players in the party will vote on one to cast out of the party. If only one nominee is on trial, then that player will be cast out without the need for a vote. At this point, the current Round ends and the next Round begins.

Locations refer to “inside the party” while outcast players are “outside” the party. These are special areas that will be designated in the room. Players left outside the party at the end of the game will succumb to the Red Death and die. Players cannot move between inside and outside locations without the use of special Orange Cards, but they may still communicate with each other. There is also an area referred to as the Morgue that is inside the party, but this location has no significant gameplay mechanic.

Status refers to your current condition, which is “living” at the start of the game. If you are killed, your status is “dead”. Dead players may not move, speak, or vote, however they may still have cards played upon them and there are some cards even dead players can use. Players may also be “zombified” by blue cards. Zombified players switch to Team Zombie and cannot speak, vote, or move more than one step per second. Lavender cards may Freeze players, who cannot move, speak, or vote until the next Round.

The Game Ends when either the player holding the Red Death card is eliminated (killed or cast out) or the number of living players inside the party has been reduced to a number determined at the beginning of the game. At this point, one of four teams will have won:

Team Party wins if the Red Death is eliminated and half or less of the living players are not on Team Cult.

Team Pagan wins if the number of living players in the party has been reduced to a number determined at the beginning of the game, and among those living, half or less are not on Team Cult.

Team Cult wins if, when the game ends, more than half of all living players (in the party and outcast) are on Team Cult.

Team Zombie wins if, when the game ends, more than three quarters of all players in the party have been zombified.

The best way to play is to effectively use information, manipulation, and abilities to meet your personal and team goal. Sharing information may be necessary to find out who is your ally, but it may also reveal yourself to possible enemies. Lying and deception is encouraged as long as it does not conflict with any of the rules.

youaredead Masque of the Red Death Red “You Are Dead” Cards kill you. If someone shows you this card, it means they have killed you. Wait 3-4 seconds and then die. You are now “dead” and your body will be taken to the Morgue when discovered inside the party.

Red Cards 1
Red Cards 2
Red Cards 3
youarezombified Masque of the Red Death Blue “You Are Zombified” Cards turn other players into zombies (usually dead players). Pretend to die and wait until the next Round before you rise as a Zombie. Two things change for you: You are now on Team Zombie (Your goal is to zombify other players) and you are physically restricted. You cannot speak coherently, vote, or move at more than one step per second.

Blue Cards 1
Blue Cards 2
joinourcult Masque of the Red Death Yellow “Join Our Cult” Cards immediately switch you to Team Cult. As a member of Team Cult your goal is to for most of the living players to be on Team Cult by the end of the game. If you are already on Team Cult, the card is used to no effect.

Yellow Cards 1
showyourcards Masque of the Red Death Green “Show Your Cards” Cards are investigation cards allow you the choice of showing all of your colored ability cards(not your Role Card) to the player who targeted you. You may choose not to show your cards, unless you are dead.

Green Cards 1
Green Cards 2
trialmotion Masque of the Red Death Pink “Trial Motion” Cards are used publicly and have multiple purposes. When a trial is not taking place, a player can use a Pink Card on you to declare a trial and make you the first nominee. During trial, a Pink Card may be used to automatically nominate a player, or to un-nominate a player so they cannot be cast out this trial.

Pink Cards 1
Pink Cards 2
leaveorreturntoparty Masque of the Red Death Orange “Leave or Return to the Party” Cards force another player to switch areas. If the target player is currently in the party, they are being forcibly cast out. If they are currently outcast, the target player is brought back into the party.

Orange Cards 1
Orange Cards 2
youarerobbed Masque of the Red Death White“You Are Robbed” Cards are used to steal one random card of a specified color from another player. You must give one random card of that color to the person robbing you. If you do not have any cards of that color, the Black Card is used to no effect.

White Cards 1
White Cards 2
youarefrozen Masque of the Red Death Lavender “You Are Frozen” Cards may have two purposes. Some can be used to immediately cancel the effect of another card (if used within a three second window). They may also be used to “Freeze” another player. Frozen players must stand still and not speak, vote, or use cards until the start of the next Round.

Lavender Cards 1
Lavender Cards 2
Lavender Cards 3
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  1. Trevor says:

    Thank you so much for creating and running this game at GENCON. I attended two out of the three nights, and absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to play it again!!!

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