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Boot Hill Heroes and Boot Hill Bounties are 50% Off Until April 8!

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Published on: April 1, 2018

Today begins the anniversary sale for Experimental Gamer. For a limited time, you can get Boot Hill Heroes and/or Boot Hill Bounties on Steam for 50% off. Is this an April Fool’s Day Joke, or a gift from the Eater Bunny? Visit the Steam Store to find out!

Corral Countdown 1: Boot Hill Bounties is Now Available on Steam at 40% Off

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Published on: December 15, 2017

It’s finally here. The culmination of a game over six years in the making – Boot Hill Bounties is available on Steam! So the last Corral Countdown entry here was naturally going to be the release of Boot Hill Bounties. But the extra surprise is that it comes with a launch discount of 40% off![…]

Corral Countdown 5: One More Hat for Doc

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Published on: November 28, 2017

&nbsp Here we are at the final Hat Tuesday in the Corral Countdown. And following the order we’ve been revealing these hats, we end with one last hat to show off for Doc. But as always, I leave the mystery of this hat behind suspicious spoiler tags. Click on if you feel so bold… Hat[…]

Corral Countdown 29: Another Hat for Kid

I’ve already revealed one of the new hats Kid will find in Boot HIll Bounties. Hats, much like job classes, teach party members new skills and require players to adapt to new ways of playing. But since these hats are kinda spoilery – you must choose to click to reveal the hat! Hat Spoilers! Click[…]

Corral Countdown 44: A New Hat for Doc

Boot Hill Bounties 2017-10-01 22-05-58-53

Last week we revealed one of the many new hats that Kid will obtain in Boot Hill Bounties, this week we’ll talk about one of Doc’s new hats. What hat can you picture Doc wearing? Do you want to know what it is? Well, you’ll have to click the Spoiler image! Hat Spoilers! Click to[…]

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