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Corral Countdown 14: Another Hat for Moon

One of the final three Hat Tuesdays here at the Corral Countdown. This will the final hat reveal for Moon so I chose one of the more interesting hats. But since this is spoilery territory, I’ll make you click on stuff to see it… Hat Spoilers! Click to Reveal! “Careta” is Spanish for mask and[…]

Corral Countdown 15: Doc is a Doctor

Welcome to the last three weeks of the Corral Countdown. By now, I’ve discussed 35 other things I want you to know about Boot Hill Bounties. But there are still 15 more, so let’s get into it… Let’s go way back to remember when I revealed how camping plays a big role in party management.[…]

Corral Countdown 16: (Devblog Friday) Writing Voices and Dialects

Boot Hill Bounties is not a voice acted game and in fact its word count ranks among the highest ever for a 2D game. So there were a lot of challenges to write for different characters with different dialects and different ways of speaking. Even when your game is not voice acted, it still kind[…]

Corral Countdown 17: Side Quests

Like many RPGs, Boot Hill Bounties features optional sidequests that can take you away from the main storyline for a moment and participate in a small adventure for a reward. Sidequests are triggered by reading about them in the Bronco County Sunrise newspaper. So at the end of each chapter, when a new newspaper is[…]

Corral Countdown 18: Battle Introductions and Victory Messages

This entry in the Countdown is pretty simple compared to others, but I still wanted to talk about it because it demonstrates how details and flavor can be packed into every bit of Boot of Boot Hill Bounties. One thing that’s always bugged me in RPGs is that sometimes the reason you’re fighting a group[…]

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