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Corral Countdown 46: NPC Creation (Friday Devblog)


Every Friday during this countdown to release I want to focus on more of the development side of Bronco County. Here, I’ll talk about the process behind developing some aspect of the game and the thoughts behind it. There are around 300 or so residents of Bronco County to meet! So how did I make[…]

Corral Countdown 47: Food and Perks

Boot Hill Heroes 2017-09-24 15-31-29-61

Perks are special status conditions that help characters in battle in different ways. For example, ‘Determined’ make stances remain in effect longer while ‘Kinship’ increases the effectiveness of healing Vantages. A Broad Range of Emotions There are about 22 different Perks characters can get that make them feel ‘Spry’, ‘Resilient’, even ‘Incombustible’! And perks are[…]

Corral Countdown 48: Hats and Vantages

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Published on: September 27, 2017
Boot Hill Heroes 2017-09-19 21-55-07-95

I mentioned yesterday how hats played a big role in Boot Hill Heroes as a way to learn new Vantages to grow and customize your character. In Boot Hill Bounties, hats also play a large role but work a little differently and function more like traditional RPG “job classes”. Each hat, rather than each character,[…]

Corral Countdown 49: A New Hat for Kid

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Published on: September 26, 2017
Boot Hill Heroes 2017-09-24 14-30-34-92

Those who played Boot Hill Heroes will remember that hats played an important role in character growth and customization. Each hat taught characters new Vantages that changed the way they played and introduced new strategies. Although they will work a bit differently, Boot Hill Bounties brings a bunch of new hats and this entry we’re[…]

Corral Countdown 50: Character Profiles

Boot Hill Heroes 2017-09-24 13-08-50-76

Howdy! So this is our first entry in what I’m calling the “Corral Countdown.” I think that title needs some work. But the title isn’t important! What’s important is that each weekday up until release, I’ll be talking about something I want people to know about Boot Hill Bounties. If you’ve seen our first batch[…]

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