Corral Countdown 32: Cooking by the Campfire

This one has been a long time coming, something you could have guessed based on what’s been revealed so far. I’ll let the video do the talking.

1. Grow crops on the farm for ingredients or buy them from the general store.
2. Buy food so Rosy can learn new recipes
3. Cook food at the campfire using the recipes and ingredients you’ve gathered.
4. Gain Chef Ranks so your food turns out better and its effects last longer
5. Give your party battle perks or sell the food back to a store for a profit.

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Corral Countdown 33: Battle Grades

Today’s Countdown is relatively simple but something I wanted to share. In Boot Hill Heroes, you could get an experience point bonus at the end of battles for taking no damage. In Bounties, this concept has expanded a little.

Now you get a battle grade based on your performance. So it’s important to do your best, even if you’re fighting an easy enemy that you couldn’t possibly lose against.

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 10 16 01 11 07 62 Corral Countdown 33: Battle Grades

The Battle Grade actually multiplies your Vantage Points earned from the battle, so the better the grade, the faster you’ll level up your hats and learn new Vantages.

Grade D = 1x multiplier

Grade C = 1.25x multiplier

Grade B = 1.5x multiplier

Grade A = 2x multiplier

Grade S (NO DAMAGE): = 3x multiplier

Tomorrow, I have another video planned to show you one of the bigger mechanics. It’s one I’ve been building up towards for a while with these updates. This is gonna be big.

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Corral Countdown 34: A New Hat for Moon

We’ve thus far shown one new hat for all of the four party members except one. Well, today it’s Moon’s turn. Click the image if you want it revealed to you!

Hat Spoilers! Click to Reveal!

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 10 15 23 28 07 57 Corral Countdown 34: A New Hat for Moon

The Mining Lantern was modeled after the very earliest such mining lanterns ever crafted. Remember this is before the age of batteries of course, so old mining lanterns like this used a lit wick to shed light in dark mines. It’s like wearing a candle on your head! It even works outside of battle to light up dark places.

  • Minecart
  • – Basically, Moon hops in a minecart and smashes into an enemy. This attack is always a critical hit.

  • Lunchbreak
  • – Gain a perk during battle by consuming a Food item. The food is random so you don’t get to pick which one!

  • Kerosene
  • – This attack douses an enemy in kerosene giving them an “oily” stance. This alone does nothing. But if they are hit with any fire-based attacks while the stance is active, then KABOOOM!

  • Avalanche
  • – Causes an avalanche of boulders to rain from the sky and crush random enemies.

It’s no shock that this hat will provide Moon with various mining-related Vantages. The Mining Lantern is an entirely weaponless hat where all Vantages learned here require no weapon to use.

Tomorrow we’re talking about why it’s important to always do your best in battle!

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Corral Countdown 35: Stealth and Surprise Attacks

Welcome to week 4 of the Corral Countdown where every week day we talk about something interesting I want people to know about the upcoming game Boot Hill Bounties. We’ve had 15 Countdown posts, so if you’re new here, I’d suggest you take a look at what’s been revealed so far.

Most people already know that Boot Hill Bounties is one of those RPGs without random battles. You can see your enemies on the map, and, if you can avoid them, you can avoid many battles. But there’s now a little more to it than that.

Enemies will wander around independently on a move pattern, but they have their own vision cone that can spot you. Once they do, they’ll take off and try to engage a battle!

If you have your back turned. The enemy will get a surprise attack on your party and start with half power.

But if you avoid the enemy’s vision and sneak up on them, you can surprise them and your party will begin with 50% power!

Additionally, any encounter you defeat will remember you. Instead of chasing after you, it will instead run away! So once you dominate an area, you can move pretty freely without having to worry about battles. But if you want to fight older enemies, it’s easy to get the jump on them because they’ll be running away!

Tomorrow, it’s finally Moon’s turn to get a new hat. What will it be?

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Corral Countdown 36: Body-Kun Helps You Draw! (Friday Devblog)

If you ever wanted to make art for your own game but have almost no talent as an artist, then this is the post for you.

Artwork for this series has come a long way. Even though I’m not a great artist, I wanted to try to create all the art for Boot Hill Bounties myself. And that meant learning a few tricks along the way. On today’s DevBlog Friday, I will share one of them with you.

Boot Hill Heroes had about eight human enemy sprites in the game. These took a very long time to make look halfway decent. Humans are much more difficult to render into sprite art than animals. Most of the trouble comes from finding the right pose without the use of a model.

For Boot HIll Bounties, I knew I would need to make a lot of humanoid enemies, so I needed to find a way to improve the art workflow. I experimented with software like Poser but it still wasn’t working out. I was shopping online for one of those wooden posable dolls when I found this:

body kun Corral Countdown 36: Body Kun Helps You Draw! (Friday Devblog)

This is a “S.H. Figuarts S.H. Figuarts Male Body Set 5.5″ Action Figure”, aka “Body-Kun.” Much more articulate than other figures. Just take a look at these poses:

51ww51oKAPL. SL1500  Corral Countdown 36: Body Kun Helps You Draw! (Friday Devblog)f4a22f0d7eb84d8399399fd4ad6df660 Corral Countdown 36: Body Kun Helps You Draw! (Friday Devblog)

This was a while ago and “Body Kun” wasn’t even available yet. I wonder how common it is these days among aspiring artists.

I had a plan that I thought was pretty ingenious. First, pose the doll. Then, take a picture of the posed doll. Finally, simply trace the picture and follow its shading to make great sprite art.

But this method didn’t quite work out. By tracing the doll, the characters came out looking too thin. That’s what I get for trying to take shortcuts. Instead, I had to add a step. After posing the doll, I needed to draw the character by hand and scan it. Then I could use it as the basis for the sprite character.

Here’s the same character made using each method. I think you’ll agree that the one on the bottom looks much better.

calaca Corral Countdown 36: Body Kun Helps You Draw! (Friday Devblog)

Here’s the workflow again.

Step 1: Pose the sprite and draw the character on a sketchpad. Sorry I don’t have the original Body-Kun photographs, but here’s the sketches I made using it as a model.

cyprusalleypeople2 Corral Countdown 36: Body Kun Helps You Draw! (Friday Devblog)

Step 2: Scan the drawings and resize them in photoshop. Shrinking these sketches to the size of the sprites makes them extremely blurry since the resolution is down to pixels. So the sketches are more of a “jumping off point”

cyprusalleypeople3 Corral Countdown 36: Body Kun Helps You Draw! (Friday Devblog)

Step 3: Trace the outline of the sketches the best you can and color the parts. Pixel art is really tricky and there are much better pixel artists writing about it than me so I’ll spare the details here.

cyprusalleypeople Corral Countdown 36: Body Kun Helps You Draw! (Friday Devblog)

This new workflow was so successful I ended up making a lot more humanoid enemies than I intended to. There are now about 50 human enemies in Boot Hill Bounties. I promise I’m not shilling for whoever makes these Body-Kun figurines, I just wanted to share how I turned my art from bad to much improved.

Okay, that’s a wrap for week three. I’m glad people are noticing that I’m living up to the promise when this Corral Countdown thing started. I really have something interesting to share about Boot Hill Bounties every day. And with 35 days left, you can only guess what’s in store.

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